Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stuntman Mania

Stuntman Business Card FRONT                                                                fig. 1

Stuntman Business Card BACK                                                                fig.2

Stuntman Biff Cartoon                                                                                 fig.3

Stuntman Biff Poster                                                                                    fig.4

Stuntman Starter Pack                                                                                   fig. 5

Stunt #26                                                                                                     fig. 6

Lately I have had what appears to be an obsession with stuntmen. I don't know what started it, but some pretty interesting things have come out of it.  Long ago I started a short animation with the character Stuntman Biff.  I decided to explore this character a little deeper to see what I could come up with.
I started out by creating a business card (see fig. 1, 2) because let's be honest, Stuntman Biff isn't getting any work unless he gets his name out there. I then sketched and created two completely different renderings of Biff in Adobe Illustrator.  One more on the cartoon side (see fig. 3) and the other a more realistic rendering (see fig. 4).  Creating characters was fun but I knew I wanted to make another animation, a "how-to" stuntman if you will.  As if Stuntman Biff had his own home series for wanna-be stuntmen.  I went into Illustrator and created some basic assets that any stuntman would need (see fig. 5).  I wanted to keep the color scheme simple to appear more like a blue print of sorts.  After I composed the stunt I wanted (see fig. 6), it was off to Apple Motion to animate and the rest was history. Now hopefully I can move on from this Stuntman Mania.

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