Friday, November 4, 2011

Monster Bash

I have always followed Grey Scale Gorilla's 5 Second Project but have never entered. Well I finally got around to finishing something for the contest.  This time the theme was "Monster Bash". Initially I had a few different ideas but I ended on creating an 8-bit video game end screen with a few dancing characters


After I was animating the video game screen I began to realize that it just wasn't enough. I then began the project of creating an entire arcade scene in Adobe Illustrator to house this little animation.

Arcade Backdrop

It may not seem like much and in the animation you only see it for 2 seconds but the background took the longest to make. Mostly because I created everything from scratch. Although it took a long time I had fun putting all the details into it, like creating the Monster Bash logo for my game:

Monster Bash Logo

In the end I put it all together in After Effects, added some ambiance with lights and music and voila:

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