Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2011 Scheduler Squabble

I recently had the privilege of working on something that was just plain fun for work.  Our internal account managers are currently debating between using two new scheduler assistants, Tom's Planner and Microsoft Project.  To supplement the discussion and raise the energy a few guys and I put the following piece together.  As I said before it was a lot of fun because let's be honest, work work isn't always the most creative or exciting thing to do. But for this project we had no real parameters other than what our imaginations could come up with.  I animated the piece in After Effects through a series of Illustrator files that a coworker and I had designed.  Throw in some wonderful audio from another co-worker, Dave Ayling, and we have ourselves a finished piece.  I think the best part about this piece was recording the lively audio banter. It was a joy to animate to.


  1. Wow! Did that just happen? Loving it! (Tom'Planner's Tom)

    1. Thanks so much and love the post on your blog!