Monday, February 27, 2012

Mean Mug & Slim Episode 5

Well here it is finally, the 5th installment of Mean Mug & Slim. I know it is not being delivered on Sunday as promised, but give me a break, I am but one man. Still I am pleased with the result. I updated the look and I have been getting a lot better at animating the characters in general, such as having them do new things like run and change facial expressions. Along with the new look comes a few other things. I am trying to make the show a little less cute and lean more on the absurd and humorous side. Now don't get me wrong, the cute is what drives the relationship between Mean Mug & Slim. But cute doesn't get you remembered. So I am trying to up the ante a little bit with this episode. I am realizing the more I pull from my real life experiences with Lisa (Mean Mug), the better my episodes become and the more personality I can inject into the characters. Lastly, I did a lot more audio work to this episode than any before, so if you have headphones I suggest wearing them so you can hear all the little aspects of sound. The full background song is The Heart of the Cat by Ergo Phizmiz. Enjoy.

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