Monday, April 23, 2012

The Magic Seeds

Seed Animation Studio recently commissioned Yuki Nishimura to illustrate a wall-wide mural for their studio wall. The mural is based on a poem called The Magic Seeds by James Reeves. Seed asked Yuki to inject her treatment of surreal, twisted characters and her fresh approach to design into the project. Soon after the mural was complete Seed wanted to tell the back story to these characters and the poem, as it is read, so they commissioned Yuki to animate and voice an in-house ident called The Magic Seeds. While Yuki was focused on the creation of her masterpiece, Seed filmed a time-lapse that records Yuki as we see the mural developing over 2 very labour-intensive months.

Below you can see Yuki's 2 months of labor video, her short ident animation. Also be sure to check out Seed's showreel so you can become more acquainted with their wonderful work.

The Magic Seeds Mural from Seed Animation Studio on Vimeo.

The Magic Seeds Ident from Seed Animation Studio on Vimeo.

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