Thursday, May 3, 2012


In East Africa, WellDone provides materials and education so villagers can build their own wells. These DIY wells last longer, are less expensive to build, and help communities stay connected. This celebration of water has helped more than 30,000 people work towards self-sufficiency, develop pride in their work, and grow healthier. Threadless has recently put on a challenge to design a logo for WellDone's cause. Below is my attempt. After researching some of their work I came across a lot of pictures of hands cupping water. I found the image very powerful and this became the basis for my design. Another theme in the design is the contrasting elements of smooth and rough. The heart and water are both smooth, life giving elements, while the hands are rough, earthy, and textured. I did this to emphasize the great impact that water can have in these harsh environments. If you like my design please vote for it here.

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