Saturday, January 26, 2013

MeanMug Loves Guns: The Sniper Rifle

Finally completed my 4th episode of MeanMug Loves Guns, The Sniper Rifle.  This is the longest episode yet and for many reasons.  First off, this is the first episode that actually has more than one shot.  It actually has a lot more.  After watching my 2012 reel I knew I wanted to try and mix up my angles a bit more and start to plan my work with a more cinematic eye, ergo the need for more shots.  Although this makes the process of making an episode a little longer, it made doing the audio for this piece more fun because it took place in a few different locations that were all somewhat near eachother.

Now I know people think this is a pretty fantastical premise for a show, but at the core of it all a great deal of inspiration does come from true life. For instance I did own a rusted out El Camino for 7 years and loved it.  Another little treasure that I couldn't possibly make up is this episode's cameo appearance by my uncle Chuck.  Don't believe me? See for yourself right here.  See I told you.

So this makes 4 out of 10 episodes I want to do for this series.  I think I'm going to do 1 more MeanMug Loves Guns and then take a break for an episode outside that realm.  After that I will finish off the next 5 episodes over the course of the next few months, but until then enjoy this now because it's here.

P.S. Party Palms do exist!

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