Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MeanMug Loves Guns Episode 5 Update #4

Run, Slim, Run. I literally feel just like him every time I'm trying to complete an episode. In the spirit of trying to keep people updated during the long production times of these episodes, I decided to upload the run cycle I worked on for the episode. I'm going to be completely honest in the fact that I haven't done too many run cycles in my day. I've done a fair amount of walking, but not a lot of running. Let me tell you, it's a different beast my friend. The principals are the same, it's just that running has a few more keyframes to it than walking does. There's more bounce and snap as well. I used the image below as a quick reference while animating and it helped out a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, I promise the episode is coming.

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