Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sebas & Clim: TI Sparkle

Sebas & Clim were recently asked by The Brand Shop to translate conceptually the idea of their client. The brief was to make 4 short animations to communicate 4 different strong points of Sparkle, a telecom italia devision, in a really emotional way without beeing tough and dull. They wanted something which wouldn't be seen in the telecommunication's internal business world.

That was their task and I think Sebas & Clim crushed this one out of the park. I know from experience that it can be really, really difficult to explain different business ideas in a new and unique way without losing your audience or becoming too ambiguous. These animations do such a simple job of exploring ideas about clients and communication without once defining the client or diving too deep into the weeds. The result is a fun and emotional piece that I believe someone of any age or education could understand and enjoy. I would really like to explore this abstract style of communication in my own work to come. The difficulty in pulling something like this off is having a client who is willing to go the distance, take a risk, and not cram too much content into their message.

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