Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Academy

Some truly inspiring work from The Academy. Just their name alone denotes the serious work that they're putting out, and you can tell how loved their work is because 2 of the 3 following animations are Vimeo Staff Picks. The first piece is called Hammer & Hand. I really love the ambiguity of the entire piece as well as all of their shots. Their compositions and attention to detail make this piece seem so grandiose. The second piece is a short film titled, When I Grow Up. This piece truly captures the imagination and splendor of a child's imagination in every one of it's vignetted scenes. Ironic how it actually makes me wish I was a kid again. If that wasn't enough to wet your whistle we have World of Motion. I love how, much like the title, this piece never stops moving. Each scene seems to fluidly transition into the next, and I particularly love how they used a grouping of trees to pull this off at one point. Definitely a group to keep your eye on.

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