Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo of the Moment - Untitled

Untitled by RagtimeWillie
Untitled, a photo by RagtimeWillie on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Seymour, VIC Australia.

Now overgrown by wild Blackberries, this rocky crevice overlooking the valley is believed to be one of the many hideouts of the 'Wild Man of Tallarook'; A Swede by the name of Henricke Nelson who turned his back against the colonial attitudes of farming and cultivation after migrating to Australia in 1860 and began living a secret life in the bush for over a decade. After numerous sightings by local farmers and rumours regarding his mysterious existence, he was soon arrested and tried for vagrancy and sentenced to 6 months jail. After searching his numerous caves, local police remarked at Nelson's ingenuity and understood that he must be 'a man of great ability and knowledge', the caves containing such complex passages and even incorporating river diversions to suit his needs. Inside various items were found; a broom, clothing, eating utensils, books, a shot bag and firearm and evidence of campfires which stain the granite walls black to this day.

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