Friday, May 31, 2013

Simple Animations for a Friday Afternoon

I don't know what it is about today, but I've come across a few animations that I believe all share a wonderful quality; simplicity. Each of the following animations, though created by different artists in different styles, all kept it simple, stupid.

First we have Revel by Animade. I love the simple extra touches they put on this piece, in particular the faux lens flare at the beginning.

Next is The Wobbly Shapes of Doom by Craig & Karl. This piece just oozes simplicity, but it works! The main characters is only a head and some simple limbs, but it adds to the charm and humor of the piece.

Then there is Truth - More Than by Blackmath. The scenes are a little more robust in this piece but as you can see the main characters are nothing more than bathroom people icons. Still they manage to get a ton of personality out of these characters. I also love how they chose to tell and display this particular story.

Lastly there is Ryan Todd - No Fun Intended by Kemistry Gallery. I absolutely love this piece for the simple idea and design behind it. It doesn't take much more than some beautifully composed shots paired with simple designs and animations.

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