Monday, September 16, 2013

The Final Episode of MeanMug 'n Slim

If you had told me I would be making this 2 months ago I wouldn't have believed you. I spent the better part of a 3 year relationship with my ex girlfriend taking inspirations from various things we did and talked about and making a goofy cartoon about it.  I never thought it would have to end.  Much like in my real life, it's very hard to imagine continuing on alone. So much so it almost prevented me from creating the final episode at all. I like to make things that are goofy and funny, so to create something so personal and sad didn't feel right at the time. Initially I went through a phase where I wanted the final episode to be heavy hitting and almost hurtful. Thankfully I got over that phase and moved on to just make something that was funny at my own expense; hitting on the humor surrounding a newly single guy. But as I started developing around that idea, the funny parts slowly became less important and almost seemed like a cheap laugh that was covering the real story behind the whole thing. So I made something that pretty much summed up exactly how I felt being newly alone and dealing with it. I just hope that maybe if someone else is going through the same thing at some point, they can watch this and know they aren't alone in feeling that way, and that there is always a tomorrow.

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