Monday, October 14, 2013

'Classic Ghostworth' - Sam Sweetmilk Ep.1

Let me ask you a few simple questions.  Do you like cartoons?  Do you like funny cartoons? Do you like funny cartoons about space adventures? Do you like supporting funny cartoons about space adventures?  Well if you answered yes to these questions then Sam Sweetmilk may be what you are looking for.  This animated series just launched it's rough first episode, and with the help of Kickstarter they are hoping to produce more fully fleshed out episodes.

What I enjoy about this cartoon is that although it's set in space, they don't use that as an excuse to go completely over the top with the story.  The humor lies more in the writing and interactions of the characters which I enjoy in cartoons every once in a while.  It's sort of like a cartoon mixed with a sitcom.  I think with more time that the characters of Sam Sweetmilk could become pretty well rounded and relatable.  I'm truly interested in why the main character has wiped his memory, and although this series has a light hearted aspect to it, I believe there is room for some serious tones later on. Here's hoping.

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