Monday, September 29, 2014

Cutting Room Floor Update #2 - Getting back into it

Alright I'm back, and a little later than I had anticipated. I got sick so that knocked me out for about a week and I also had a freelance animation that I was working on at the same time. Those are both done and out of my system now and I'm back to full time working on Cutting Room Floor (aside from my day job that is, still gotta pay for the cat litter.) Anyways, I'm still in asset and background creation mode. Below you can check out a timelapse video of me creating and rigging Professor Hoodlebrink and also a still image of the Bun House Mobile interior shot. Much more to come in the following weeks as I still plan to finish this by Halloween.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

17th Brussels Short Film Festival - Supervenus

Amazing animation and story telling by Frederic Doazan in his piece, Supervenus. I love the Monty Python-esque style paired with the absolute grotesque and dark humor.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cutting Room Floor Update #1

For those that don't know I am undertaking a much lengthier animation in my MeanMug & Slim style in the vein of old Scooby Doo cartoons. I've completed the script and audio recordings and I'm estimating the final piece coming out to around 15 minutes, which is a great length for an animated short. However, that's a lot of work and planning for just lil' ol' me. Probably in over my head actually...but I figured it would be entertaining and possibly educational to show you bits and pieces along the way. Seeing as how I have my script all read and a general storyboard, the next thing to do was to get my characters into After Effects, rig them up with Duik, and test them out. Below are some fun results I've had playing with my newly rigger character. Stay tuned for more updates!

And here is a bonus shot of D-Man with a giant bong, just because.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Arup - Future of Mobility

Really inspired by this most recent animation from Ross Phillips for Arup. It's a long piece and it really kept me entertained throughout the whole thing, and to be fair it's almost like two pieces in one. I love how the first half of the animation is setting up the world we live in via the dialogue, but the animation isn't exactly 1 to 1 with the script. We are seeing a separate story that is enhancing the feeling of the dialogue, instead of just reiterating it. I also like how we then take that character and actually build him out more with the specific family stories. The transitions were seamless and the piece really felt alive.