Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tree City's 3rd Annual Film Festival Poster

Last year I had the joy of participating in the Tree City Film Festival with my film troupe, Bun House Films.  This year we are back, but I also had the opportunity to design the poster for the event this year. 
I was provided with a single line to inspire my design - "The root of all evil." From there my mind started working up ideas.  I looked at a bunch of other poster designs and tried to pull things I liked from all of them to create my own piece.  One thing I liked was creative use of negative space.  Obviously poster designs need room for text so this is a useful technique to create space.  I also really liked when poster designs were kept to a very small color palette.  For my poster I ended up using 4 greens based off of Tree City's main brand green.  The actual design was just my interpretation of the line I was given.  Obviously the city is known for their tree's so I wanted to tie that in as much as possible.  The film festival actually takes place in a historic train barn so incorporating that somehow was another goal of mine.  From there I just began creating this eerie and whimsical world which you see below.  I was given a lot of free reign on this design so I really just let the artwork lead me in creating the final piece. I'm happy with how it came out and I can't wait to participate this year!

Micah 8 Year Portrait

Recently had the privilege of doing a portrait for another coworker.  When someone at my company has their 8 year anniversary they are rewarded with a much larger and more robust portrait.  This was the first 8 year portrait I've been able to do so I was particularly excited.  This was also my first time attempting pixel art seriously. It was a little bit of a risk combining two firsts like that, but I think it paid off. I really enjoy the 8bit result.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chris Koelsch Animation Reel 2014

Hello all! I come to you quite relieved to finally present you with my 2014 animation reel. If you're checking your calendar you probably noticed that we're halfway through March already. happens. That just means this reel has a little extra juice for you. Oh, and the music was provided by the lovely Eric M. C. Gonzalez. You can check out more of his work here. Enjoy the reel!

Bun House Logo 3D

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been pretty busy with side projects and finishing my new reel up (which will also be posted in the near future). Anyways, enough excuses. Here is my first real attempt at getting back into 3D animation since college, which for me is about 7 years. I created this in Cinema4D and for anyone who doesn't know, for a beginner, that program can be quite daunting. Luckily I had watched enough tutorials and was comfortable enough with After Effects that most of those skills carried over. Regardless it was a lot of fun to make and animate something from start to finish. I hope to do more 3D animation in the near future.