Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tree City's 3rd Annual Film Festival Poster

Last year I had the joy of participating in the Tree City Film Festival with my film troupe, Bun House Films.  This year we are back, but I also had the opportunity to design the poster for the event this year. 
I was provided with a single line to inspire my design - "The root of all evil." From there my mind started working up ideas.  I looked at a bunch of other poster designs and tried to pull things I liked from all of them to create my own piece.  One thing I liked was creative use of negative space.  Obviously poster designs need room for text so this is a useful technique to create space.  I also really liked when poster designs were kept to a very small color palette.  For my poster I ended up using 4 greens based off of Tree City's main brand green.  The actual design was just my interpretation of the line I was given.  Obviously the city is known for their tree's so I wanted to tie that in as much as possible.  The film festival actually takes place in a historic train barn so incorporating that somehow was another goal of mine.  From there I just began creating this eerie and whimsical world which you see below.  I was given a lot of free reign on this design so I really just let the artwork lead me in creating the final piece. I'm happy with how it came out and I can't wait to participate this year!

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